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Adam Sandler’s goofy, controversial, and poorly reviewed Western parody The Ridiculous Six is now available on Netflix, the streaming service’s first of four Sandler releases. In the film, Sandler plays White Knife, an orphan raised by an Apache tribe whose life changes drastically when his biological father, Frank Stockburn (Nick Nolte), suddenly turns up alive and in need of help. As a result, White Knife must team up with Stockburn’s other estranged sons (played by Rob Schneider, Taylor Lautner, Jorge Garcia, Luke Wilson, and Terry Crews) to save their criminal father from dangerous outlaws. Living up to the movie’s name, we watched and catalogued the comedy’s six most ridiculous moments.

Chris Parnell gets a face full of donkey poop

White Knife’s first stop on his string of Robin Hood robberies to raise ransom money for Stockburn finds him and Ramon (Rob Schneider) robbing a bank. When Chris Parnell’s indignant bank manager tries to stop them, he gets a face full of feces, courtesy of Ramon’s burro.

Taylor Lautner goes all-in

Taylor Lautner is most famous for playing Jacob in the Twilight franchise, but the oft-shirtless star dives into his role of Lil’ Pete. Over the course of the movie, Pete admits he’s a virgin “unless you count cantaloupes,” tries to figure out why he has three nipples, pretends to get fellated by a donkey, and performs high-wire tricks in a noose. So many of Sandler’s recent efforts have felt limp and lifeless, but Lautner gives The Ridiculous Six a much-needed injection of insane adrenaline.

Luke Wilson really loves his beer

If a Western doesn’t include a good saloon fight, is it even a Western? In The Ridiculous Six, Harvey Keitel (playing a vicious saloon owner) gives Danny (Luke Wilson) a thorough beating just for mentioning his old enemy Stockburn. But unlike most bar-fight combatants, Danny has his priorities in order: for most of the fight, he manages to keep his beer safely in hand.

The headless shooter

Chickens are famously capable of running around after their heads get chopped off. In The Ridiculous Six, this same ability is applied to humans as well. When the heroes accidentally chop an enemy’s head off, the headless body keeps firing away, to terrifying and ridiculous effect.

The real story of how baseball was invented

Westerns are typically about the invention of America. The Ridiculous Six takes that to heart by detailing a secret origin of America’s favorite pastime. In order to get information about their missing father, White Knife’s crew has to play this new game Abner Doubleday (John Turturro) just invented. In this telling, all of baseball’s famously arcane rules were improvised by Doubleday for his own advantage, “shortstop” was initially an insult, and the game was first christened “Sticky McShnickens.”

Vanilla Ice plays Mark Twain

What would Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Hamilton look like if it was made by Adam Sandle? We’ll never know, it would probaly feature Vanilla Ice? The rapper plays Mark Twain in The Ridiculous Six, and speaks in modern slang. “It’s about Tom Sawyer’s homeslice, Huckleberry Finn,” Ice-as-Twain says of the author’s most famous novel in The Ridiculous Six. “White boy goes rafting with a brother. People gon’ lose their sh–!”

The Ridiculous Six
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