In the new video for “BB Talk,” Miley Cyrus is sitting in a tub with bubbles on her head, talking to the camera.

“You put me in these f—ing situations where I look like a dumb-ass b—-,” Miley says as the camera cuts to her and three others dancing in giant babydoll costumes, pacifiers in their mouths. “And I’m not a f—ing dumb-ass b—-.”

It’s a message that’s delivered loud and clear in the video for the half-monologue, half-vocal track off Miley Cyrus and Her Dead Petz, about her annoyance with a guy whose baby talk is royally “creeping her out.” So for the visuals, Miley royally creeps us out by dressing up like an infant—wearing a lavender baby bonnet, sucking suggestively on a pacifier and seemingly throwing a fit in her crib.

You could say it’s Miley taking the trend of infantilizing female pop stars to a jarring extreme — those pigtails and bored pout look sort of familiar, don’t they? — or you could chalk it up to Miley just being, well, Miley. Either way, it’s wonderfully weird.