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She spoke her mind early and often out on the island for Survivor: Cambodia—Second Chance, and Abi-Maria Gomes is not about to let up now.

This week’s cohost Courtney Yates (Survivor: China and Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains) and I spoke to the recently eliminated contestant for the latest edition of Survivor Talk, and Abi freely admits that she is still “bitter” five months after her ouster. And just to prove it, she tells us how she really feels about Tasha, who had to be rescued by the Survivor safety and medical deartments during a water challenge.

“I would like to not be bitter towards Tasha, but God she should have drowned.” Wait, what?! Did she really just say that? Yes, she did. And there’s more where that came from as Abi also explains why she believes she did not get a fair chance this season, how she thought she was a lock for the finals, and why Peih-Gee and Shirin still will not accept her apologies. (“They have a lot of resentful energy in their hearts,” says Abi of her two former tribemates.)

She also explains the thinking behind her seemingly random vote for Keith, and presents the speech she planned to let loose at the final Tribal Council had she made it all the way to the end. Courtney Yates and Abi-Maria Gomes together? You know some stuff is about to go down, ladies and genetlemen.

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