'This is a huge moment for us, and it's definitely going to put even more steam behind us as we begin season 2,' Malek tells EW
Mr. Robot
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The surprise hit series of the summer (and one of EW’s best shows of 2015), Mr. Robot had a big morning with the Golden Globe nominations, snapping up nods for Best Series, Best Actor for Rami Malek, and Best Supporting Actor for Christian Slater.

For Malek, news of the nominations was welcome for a number of reasons, but one in particular puts some distance between him and his character, Elliot Alderson.

“I’ve started to really believe for the first time that it wasn’t just in my head,” he says.

Slater was quick to defer responsibility for his nomination to everyone else around him on set. “This is an extraordinarily talented team of people,” he says. “Sam Esmail is just a great writer, who seems to have his finger on the pulse or maybe possesses some crystal ball, because he really had a great insight into this subject matter and was able to add a layer of realism and depth and humanity to a subject that a lot of people didn’t understand. I think it’s wonderful that this show has provided a window into that world.”

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With season 2 set to begin shooting next year, Malek promises to only let the recent awards praise affect the new episodes in a positive way. “This is a huge moment for us, and it’s definitely going to put even more steam behind us as we begin season 2,” he says. “But we know that we have a duty to this story and to the people who have latched onto this show and been affected by it in such a tangible way. There’s no way we’re going to let anybody down.”

And while the evening is typically black tie only, is there any chance Malek might don a black hoodie for the show?

“I’m going designer on this one,” he says. “This occasion deserves that.”

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