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Today’s a big day for Jeffrey Tambor: The actor just received his second Golden Globe nomination for playing Maura in Amazon’s Transparent — and it’s also two of his kids’ birthdays.

“Not only was I saying happy birthday to them, but they were just so excited for Daddy,” Tambor tells EW of daughter Evie and son Gabriel, now aged 9 and 11 respectively. “So we’re all going to go out and have Chinese food tonight and have a cake and Daddy’s going to have an extra scoop of coconut ice cream.”

That extra scoop is well-deserved. Not only has Tambor already received a Golden Globe award for Transparent, but he also received an Emmy for the same role earlier this year. “I’m the luckiest guy in the room because it’s the greatest role I’ve ever encountered,” he says of the character, who is “struggling a bit” in the upcoming second season.

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“After she’s made her courageous decision, now she has to manifest it, and how does she do it?” he says. “Who’s her friend and what’s a friend and how old is the friend and will she ever have affection in her life again and what is her relationship with her kids and can she stay in that house anymore and where can she go and how do you dress and how do you makeup? How do you, how do you, how do you.”

If that sounds heavy, don’t worry: The second season — which also nabbed a Best Supporting Actress nomination for Judith Light’s performance as Maura’s ex-wife as well as a Best TV Comedy nod — is still going to have plenty of laughs. “I always thought that back in the days of the Greek festivals, I’m sure that comedy held a higher post than tragedy because with the laugh, and with comedy, you expose and you learn,” he says. “And you change.”

See the full list of Golden Globes nominations here, and watch Transparent’s new season when it debuts in full on Amazon Prime Dec. 11.

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