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Devil's Bargain

Supernatural fans haven’t seen much of Rowena in season 11. All we really know is that she’s having trouble putting together her Mega Coven, she wants her son dead, and she no longer has the Book of the Damned.

And when she returns in the mid-season finale, most of that is still true. The one twist? She’s reunited with the book, because Sam and Dean need her help. “There’s a mutually beneficial situation, but she’s lending her services,” Ruth Connell said. “You’ll see Rowena reunited with the Book of the Damned, which is obviously incredibly powerful and important, but there’s a special reason that they’re giving her access to the book.”

But considering that Connell thinks Rowena has a “fascination” with Amara, or even “an admiration for another strong woman,” it seems likely that Rowena’s powers will be used to fight the Darkness. Perhaps, instead, Rowena spends the hour helping out one of her favorite people.

“A lot of this episode for Rowena is more to do with her attitude and special attachment to Lucifer,” Connell said, describing Rowena as a Lucifer “fan girl.” (She herself is also a Mark Pellegrino fan girl, so their scenes aren’t much of a stretch.)

And keeping in mind that Connell says the mid-season finale and winter premiere are very much a two-parter, there could be more interaction to come. “There’s lore in Scottish mythology, there’s stuff about witches being witches because they’ve had sex with the devil,” she said. “I’m not saying we go there, but that’s always been in the back of my head.”

In her ideal world, what would Lucifer be to Rowena? According to Connell, her “sugar daddy.”

Supernatural airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on The CW.

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