Do you know how many guests at amusement parks drown per year from sentient forcep killings? No, we don’t either. Those statistics often go unreported. But they’re brought to sickening life in 2015 in a fan’s film tribute to the shameful horrors of RollerCoaster Tycoon, the early 2000s PC game series.

First released in 1999, the theme park simulator franchise was known for, among other things, letting users manage their own theme parks, create customized roller coasters, kill guests by dropping them into bodies of water, operate tons of fun restaurants and gift shops, change the colors on Ferris wheels, dig massive trenches to put unhappy guests in and re-pave entire roads to clean up their vomit, maintain bumper cars and go-karts and silly haunted houses, delete crucial legs of roller coaster track causing vehicles to fly off the ride and explode into gut-wrenching balls of death and flame, and build water rides!

Filmmaker Andrew McMurry brought such depraved PC game revelry (which was, by the way, somehow completely normal for players of the game) to life in his new short A Fun Day in Roller Coaster Tycoon!, which imagines exactly that: an average visit to the most dangerous theme park a 12-year-old could ever create during computer time.

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