By Clark Collis
Updated December 09, 2015 at 05:30 PM EST

I find it’s a pretty good life-rule to never ever ever tick off Henry Rollins. But his character in the new horror film He Never Died (out in theaters Dec. 18) is someone you really do not want to mess with.

Writer-director Jason Krawczyk’s horror-thriller finds the onetime Black Flag playing Jack, a man struggling with the monotony and loneliness that comes with immortality and his eternal struggle with cannibalism. Jack’s dull routine is disrupted when his long lost daughter enters his life.

“He’s been alive for centuries, and he can’t die,” Rollins told EW earlier this year. “Instead of being overjoyed at his un-killability, he’s pretty bored of the human experience, and he lives most of the day in his underwear, watching TV. It’s almost an existential comedy, which is what drew me to it. He’s been getting by for years just with bags of blood because he’d rather not hit people, touch people, rip their heads off, or whatever. Unfortunately, his connection goes away and that’s when — as they say — all hell breaks loose.”

You can see the film’s trailer above, and an exclusive, expletive-featuring scene from He Never Died at the top of the post.