By Jessica Goodman
December 09, 2015 at 01:27 PM EST

Cee Lo Green appeared on Tuesday’s episode of The Steve Harvey Show, and used the time to apologize for the “mistakes” he has made in the past few years.

Green addressed the 2012 altercation in which he was charged with slipping a woman ecstasy (he pled not guilty in 2013), and said the whole incident was magnified. “I’m fortunate to still have fans who are forgiving and understanding,” he said. “But I am not my mistakes. And either it be by default or design, I am here, humbled and humanized and with a heartfelt new album that really does address the wisdom and understanding that I got out of the experience.”

The singer came under fire last year after he left The Voice and tweeted controversial statements about women and rape. (He apologized for that too.) On Harvey’s show he added, “I do sincerely apologize to anybody who I may have offended and I’ve been entertaining you for the last 20 years now, and I would love to continue if you would have me.”

The former Voice coach made similar apologies back in October when he told the Associated Press he wanted to return to the show. “I’m so grateful that you yourself, and everyone who just may happen to witness this particular interview, have my deepest, sincerest apologies for any inconvenience, any ignorance, any ill will, anything,” he said. “I’m just glad that it’s behind me now. I’m so glad for it.”

Earlier this year, Green released his latest album Heart Blanche, which featured a tribute song to Robin Williams.