Showrunners Jeff and Jackie Schaffer talk about tomorrow night's final episode

By Clark Collis
Updated December 08, 2015 at 09:53 PM EST
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Warning! This article reveals the identity of the League finale’s super-secret guest star.

There is still everything to play for in the series finale of FXX’s The League, which airs at 10 p.m., Dec. 9. Or, rather, there is still everything to watch other people play for in the last ever episode of the fantasy football-themed sitcom, which stars Mark Duplass, Jon Lajoie, Nick Kroll, Steve Rannazzisi, Paul Scheer, and Katie Aselton.

“Rafi and Dirty Randy went to a place in Puerto Rico where they say you can have sex with birds,” says co-creator Jeff Schaffer, when EW asks him to tee up the finale. “And because of that video Rafi sent [to the members of the league], they’ve been kicked off their fantasy football website. In week 16, you can’t just join another site; they are completely screwed. The only way they can make it right is a one-week, all-in Shiva-bowl. Highest score gets the Shiva, lowest score gets the Sacco. So, in the series finale, everyone has a chance of glory, everyone has a shot at absolute failure — to be the ultimate Sacco or the ultimate Shiva. The other things that are up for grabs? Kevin and Jenny. They’re not just playing for the Sacco or the Shiva. They’re also playing for, as Pete says, ‘Who will get spayed or who will get neutered?’ in their very own fertility bowl. And in episode 13, Jenny’s going to introduce a trophy for that called ‘The Snip.’ So, we introduce a final trophy: there’s the Shiva, there’s the Sacco, and, for the fertility bowl between Kevin and Jenny, there’s the Snip, which is a delightfully mounted, golden pair of very sharp scissors.”

Turns out there’s also plenty going on away from football.

“In terms of guest stars, we bring a few people back,” says Schaffer. “As we saw in the very last shot of the penultimate show, Meegan is returning from a few months’ hiatus with a little person in her belly, which took Andre completely by surprise. What is Andre going to do with the fact that he will soon be a father? Which plays at something we’ve been hinting at all year: a bet about who will be be happier between Pete and Andre. That’s where we start. That’s the context.”

In addition to the Meegan-playing Leslie Bibb, the finale features another returning guest star, actress Janina Gavankar, who plays the character after whom the Shiva is named. “We could never end the show without a visit from Shiva herself,” says Schaffer. “So the amazing Janina Gavankar will be back as ‘the girl Shiva’ while they all try to win ‘the trophy Shiva.’ She features very prominently.”

The finale will also put a spotlight on Kroll’s delightfully despicable character Rodney Ruxin whose wife Sofia (Nadine Velazquez) died earlier in the season. “We’re going to be dealing with the aftermath of the grieving Ruxin,” says Schaffer’s fellow League creator — and wife — Jackie Schaffer. “It’s time for him to make his way in the world as a single father.”

Ruxin is “helped” by a character played by another of the finale’s guest stars, about whom Jeff Schaffer is very enthusiastic. “We have a very special guest star this week, someone we’ve been waiting to put on the show for about seven years: Larry David,” reveals Schaffer, who worked with David on both Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm. “So, this is your scoop! We haven’t told anybody about this! We haven’t told a single human being! We’ve known Larry for a long time. He’s such a brilliant improviser. We’ve always wanted to see him with our cast and we could never find out the right role, and we finally did.”

And who exactly is David playing?

“Larry David will be playing Ruxin in the future,” reveals Jackie. “We get a glimpse into how Ruxin’s life is going to turn out.”

“Ruxin is visited by his future self,” adds Jeff. “And future Ruxin will try to advise Ruxin on making the right decisions. But, you know, if a guy doesn’t like himself that much he’s probably not going to like his future self that much. And vice versa, by the way. It’s a mutual displeasure society. He and Nick are so f—ing funny together.”

You can see the trailer for the series finale of the The League, above.

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