By Clark Collis
December 07, 2015 at 12:41 PM EST
© Robert Viglasky/Hartswood Films and BBC Wales for BBC One and MASTERPIECE

Sherlock co-creator and regular Doctor Who scribe Mark Gatiss is in no rush to see the lead characters from his two TV shows meet up. In fact, the British writer and actor — who plays Mycroft Holmes on Sherlock — tells EW that a crossover between the two globally successful franchises will happen “over my dead body.”

“I’m not being horrible but I just don’t see the point,” says the Brit. “First of all, they are entirely different shows. But I think there’d be so much excitement among certain members of the fan community followed by massive disappointment that it wasn’t the version they had in their heads. And, just personally, I’ve never been [a] fan of these kind of mash-ups.”

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A crossover between the two shows has been discussed for a long time. This past summer, Steven Moffat, the Sherlock co-creator and Doctor Who lead writer and executive producer, told EW he’d be down for a mash-up of the shows, but was getting push-back from his fellow collaborators.

“I work with boring people on both shows,” joked Moffat during an interview at Comic-Con. “I’d do it, ‘cause it’d be funny. It’d just be a laugh. But the rest of them, frankly, the grownups — ‘No, you can have too much sugar.’”

PBS is premiering a Victorian era-set special episode of Sherlock on Jan. 1, as part of its Masterpiece strand. The trailer for that special is below.