December 07, 2015 at 04:47 PM EST

As the Final Fantasy VII remake progresses, Square Enix has offered a new look at Cloud Strife’s journey re-imagined from its polygonal roots.

Debuted at the PlayStation Experience in San Francisco, the footage includes the first gameplay and voiceover of the remake, as well as snippets of the original CGI reveal trailer from last summer’s E3. The action can be glimpsed in the footage, indicating a slightly more real-time focus like Kingdom Hearts than the Active Time Battle in Final Fantasy VII’s original release.

Along with the trailer came the news that the remake’s release will be a “multi-part series,” with the promise that each part will offer “its own unique experience.”

While more details remain scarce, and the remake doesn’t have a firm release date (there’s also Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts III in the works), the new footage indicates how the long hoped for project is coming along. And for those who can’t quite wait for the remake, a port of the original PlayStation version is now available on the PS4 for a discounted price of $10.87 through Dec. 13, after which it will cost players $15.99.

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