The BBC One sketch in which the 'Hello' singer impersonates herself has cleared 38 million views on YouTube

By Amanda Michelle Steiner
Updated December 07, 2015 at 02:20 PM EST

The Graham Norton Show

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Is there a record Adele can’t smash?

The BBC recently announced that the sketch in which Adele goes undercover to impersonate herself — causing a few of her most devoted fans to lose their minds once they twigged to the fact they were face-to-nose-puttied-face with their idol — has cleared the BBC YouTube channel’s previous record of 36.9 million views.

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The sketch was part of a one-off special hosted by BBC One — appropriately titled Adele at the BBC — and featured an interview led by Graham Norton, who appeared to be the mastermind behind the prank. It seems as if Norton is a viral-video goldmine; the previous record was hit when Will Smith dropped by The Graham Norton Show and performed his Fresh Prince of Bel-Air rap.

See the record-breaking sketch below, and be sure to check out our interview with Tallulah Windmill, one of the Adele impersonators.

The Graham Norton Show

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