Credit: Fotonoticias/WireImage

Chris Hemsworth has a story to share about that time he went to prison.

No, the actor wasn’t in trouble with the law — the visit, he revealed during an appearance on The Graham Norton Show, came as he was doing research for a film, and it didn’t go exactly as planned.

“We had to go in and basically see what the inside of a prison looks like, speak with prisoners who were willing to talk to us,” he explained, adding that at the time he still had his long Thor hair, which he had in a ponytail under a hat.

“The warden said ‘You can’t wear your hat,’ and so on, and I said, ‘OK no worries.’ And I thought, ‘Oh s–t, they’re going to know who I am,’” he continued. “Then I thought, ‘No, they don’t get Thor in here, they’re not going to watch movies,’ and, I don’t know, I’d never been to prison. So, I assumed that.”

As you can guess, he assumed wrong.

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“The moment I started walking through the cells … I just start getting heckled,” he said. “It’s like, ‘Yo yo, Thor’s here, man. …Thor! Where’s your hammer man?’ And I’m trying to blend in, doing ‘research,’ and I’m just getting heckled left and right. ‘Come spend some time in my cell, baby!'”

Hemsworth is promoting his latest film, In the Heart of the Sea, which opens Dec. 11. His prison story starts at about the 2:30 mark in the video above.