Credit: Stefania D'Alessandro/Getty Images

Sinead O’Connor’s Facebook page went live again on Friday with an optimistic message: “I will rise, and I will return.”

The page was deactivated on Wednesday, three days after she posted what was believed to be a suicide note, which prompted Dublin authorities to get involved and locate the singer. Before Sunday, she had used Facebook to openly discuss the ongoing custody battle between her and her two ex-husbands to see her two youngest children. According to People, the since-deleted posts were very personal, with O’Connor writing that she had been treated like “scum” and felt “invisible.”

But on Friday, the page had an entirely different tone. She shared her song “Troy” along with a message: “I will rise, and I will return; the Phoenix from the flame. I have learned.” She also changed her background photo to a Nelson Mandela quote and her profile picture to the one below.

According to People, Wednesday’s deactivation was “at the urging of her loved ones.”