Plus, an 'Empire' crossover?

By Oliver Gettell
Updated December 04, 2015 at 09:56 PM EST
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Could The L Word join beloved series like Gilmore Girls, Full House, Star Trek, and many more on the growing list of television reboots? Maybe.

Ilene Chaiken, who created The L Word and currently serves as showrunner on Fox’s hit music-biz melodrama Empire, told EW Radio on Friday that she’s open to rebooting the former show and perhaps even cross-pollinating it with the latter one.

“I would love to revisit the L Word,” Chaiken said to EW editor Henry Goldblatt during The Editor’s Hour on Sirius XM radio. “We talk about it from time to time. I talk about it with some of my colleagues who were in the cast who would love to reboot it. I don’t know when. I’m busy and most of them are too, but I do still think that it’s a viable world in which to tell stories, and those characters are still beloved as far as I can tell.”

Chaiken was also receptive to the idea of an L Word character like Shane — the hairdresser and heartbreaker played by Katherine Moennig — crossing over into the world of Empire.

“I would love that,” Chaiken said with a laugh. “She could come and hang.”

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