December 04, 2015 at 04:34 PM EST

Far Cry is taking players back to the Stone Age with next year’s Far Cry Primal, and a new peek at the game showcases what it’s like to go toe to mammoth toe with the game’s prehistoric creatures.

Revealed during The Game Awards, Far Cry Primal‘s “Beast Master” trailer offers a few bloody examples of how the game world’s animals can play a role in combat — and the power of having them on the player’s side.

From mammoths to wolves and more, player character Takkar faces the challenges of the wild and uses them to his advantage while taking on foes both human and animal. Watch the new trailer above to see more.

And for a longer look at Primal‘s gameplay, Ubisoft has released a nine-minute gameplay preview, which shows Takkar’s hunting and taming skills in action while exploring some of the game’s gorgeous world.

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