'It was awful and wonderful'
Credit: Bravo

Bryan Cranston’s Inside the Actors Studio wasn’t all tears. He and James Lipton also got some laughs from the crowd.

The Breaking Bad star was recounting his transatlantic vacation as a teen when he snuck in this fact: “I went to Europe for a month that cost us like $700 or $800 — if you don’t include the prostitutes.” The crowd cracked up and clapped, before Lipton cut them off: “Don’t laugh: This man is an educator.”

After pointing out that Cranston had previously claimed he lost his virginity Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, and France, Lipton asked Cranston to come clean with the real story.

Cranston caved, saying it actually happened in Amsterdam, when he was hitting up the Red Light District with a couple of his more adventurous friends. Not even the young Cranston’s sheepish and “nervous as hell” behavior could prevent it.

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“It was awful and wonderful,” he deadpanned.

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