By Dylan Kickham
Updated December 04, 2015 at 07:38 PM EST
Credit: ABC

None of us are taking the death of Jon Snow well, but probably the most frustrated Game of Thrones fan is actress Amanda Peet.

Peet, who is married to the HBO hit’s showrunner David Benioff, has profesed her love for Jon Snow time and time again, so she was obviously very upset when everyone’s favorite Night’s Watchman perished at the end of season 5.

Since the fantasy show is full of magic, ghosts, and all sorts of other wrinkles that could make death just a minor inconvenience for somebody, many fans are sure that Snow will be back in some regard next season. The prominence of Snow on the season 6 poster as well as the teaser trailer for the new season seem to affirm this hope, but Peet still can’t be sure.

“I have begged an insisted upon physical evidence — a picture where he’s moving or talking, you know not just on a funeral pyre — and I haven’t seen said evidence,” Peet admitted with frustration on Entertainment Weekly Radio. “I’m hoping [Benioff] turns out to be as good of a writer as I thought he was when I met him. Because it’s just the stupidest idea I’ve ever heard, and [Snow’s] got to come back. I can’t stand it.”

When EW’s Dalton Ross suggested that Peet could think about divorce if her husband doesn’t bring back Jon Snow, she said that she will. “I may be single when you next see me,” Peet threatened.

This isn’t the first time Peet has played the divorce card in an attempt to coerce her husband to resurrect Jon Snow. Earlier this year, she appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live to joke that she will be getting a divorce due to Snow’s death, and has kindly assured Benioff that she won’t divorce him if he just tells her if Snow is in the next season. Unfortunately, Benioff’s “horrifying poker face” hasn’t revealed anything yet.

Listen to the Entertainment Weekly Radio for more of what Peet knows about the new season of Game of Thrones.

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