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Plus, we'll finally get to hear Beau's voice!

December 03, 2015 at 05:38 PM EST

For most of their lives, Stefan and Damon thought their mother was dead. What they learned in season 6 of The Vampire Diaries is that she wasn’t so much dead as she was a witch-vampire hybrid trapped in a magical prison world. 

And yet, now that Lily is home in Mystic Falls, things remain complicated. Yes, she’s their mother, but like any good Salvatore, Lily has had her share of secrets and complicated feelings. But her decision to kill Julian, the supposed love of her life, could finally be the thing that puts her on the same team as her boys. 

We talked to Lily herself, Annie Wersching, about what comes next for Team Salvatore (she’s on it now!):

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Is Lily firmly on the boy’s side with this whole Julian thing? It’s not exactly easy to kill someone you love.

ANNIE WERSCHING: She’s definitely sort of shell-shocked by this realization that she’s come to, but she is 100 percent on the Damon-Stefan side now. She has to keep up appearances and pretend that she’s still on Julian’s side. They need to unlink her from him, and in order to do that, they need a heretic to help, which of course is hard because Julian is being super charming and bonding with especially Mary Louise and Nora and throwing them this huge party for their anniversary. It’s definitely not an easy thing. She has to bend her own rules a little bit in terms of what she lets them do with feeding and she may even have to partake herself. So she’s on their side, but it’s definitely harder than she anticipated.

So it sounds like we might get to see Lily finally lose her cool a little bit? She’s been so poised this season.

In this episode she’s still keeping up appearances that she’s on Julian’s side and so one of the things she has to do is break some of her own rules about the feeding. She hasn’t fed on a person at all this season I don’t think. So she’s got that completely under control, but there is this dangerous ripper side in her and so you never know if that can be triggered if she feeds, but that’s one of the things she has to do in order to keep up appearances.

I now want a spin-off of ripper Stefan and ripper Lily killing people.

Oh my God, wouldn’t that be amazing?! [Laughs]

Lily and Stefan and Damon have had a rough go of it, but now that she’s on the same team as them, might this lead to a better relationship for the three of them?

It would be a nice perk. Stefan and Lily I feel are really making strides almost in every episode. There’s this really beautiful Stefan-mom scene in this episode that’s one of my favorite scenes that I shot, where he comes to her for advice about the Caroline thing and it gives her this moment of an actual mother-son scenario and relationship. Of course Damon couldn’t be further from that. He’s having a hard time showing any signs of forgiveness, and I feel like this is the first time Lily’s actually doing the things that I feel like he really wanted. She’s saying, “You’re right. I was wrong.” She’s genuinely trying to apologize for everything that she did and didn’t do, and it’s almost just a little bit too late for him. He’s just so angry, so the relationship with the two brothers is so different right now.

This makes me think of the flashbacks, because tiny Damon and Stefan are my favorite.

Oh my god, they’re the cutest things ever!

What can you say about upcoming flashbacks?

There’s one coming up where Ian [Somerhalder] gets to be his younger self with his awesome younger-self hair, which I can’t even deal with. Laughs] Episode 10 is just a super interesting episode that flashes back to the Civil War, that’s where Damon has his fancy hair and it’s one of the best scripts I’ve read. It’s really different. There’s a whole new twist on that episode and you definitely get to see some cool flashes there.

Speaking of Lily’s other children, we know how Valerie feels about Julian, but how is her plan going to affect her relationship with her other heretic children?

It’s definitely one of the things they have to address in this episode. She has to come clean with them and tell them the truth. Her and Valerie reveal everything that happened to Valerie and tell them the truth about Julian and there is one heretic in particular who’s like, “Yeah I don’t believe you.” So that is definitely proving to be a very big issue that they don’t necessarily have everybody together, which she obviously wishes they did. Someone is causing trouble.

I want more of Lily and Beau. I love Beau.

Yeah! I know, I wish there was a whole episode of his story. There is a really cool part in this episode, I won’t say exactly how, but you do get to hear a little of Beau’s voice!

I feel like Lily’s entire pitch has been that she just wants to live peacefully. Does she have a master plan or is she really just looking to exist?

I think she truly in her perfect world, they would all live together and get along and live in the Salvatore house together. Right now, I feel like she’s in the peacekeeper mode, but obviously Julian is making things difficult and she needs to unlink herself STAT.

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