Plus, will Elijah be the family member who betrays Klaus?

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With a prophecy looming over the heads of the Mikaelsons — and therefore, all vampires — the stakes are higher than ever as The Originals‘ third season heads toward its midseason finale. But which of the siblings can be trusted? Which of the Trinity can be trusted? And how soon will this prophecy come to pass?

We spoke with executive producer Michael Narducci about what’s coming next:

Tristan is ready to make some moves

Given the fact that Elijah once compelled the Trinity to believe they were the Mikaelsons, the Trinity has a very long, very complicated history. And that’s something that the show will continue to explore. “For 100 years, this threesome was creating the legend of the Mikaelsons, so they have a very interesting relationship,” Narducci said. “I think Tristan is the smarmy, wealthy, overprotective son of a count who’s out to take care of his sister who’s a little bit nutso given everything that she’s been through and her relationship with Klaus and how that came to a screeching halt. And Lucien is this one-time stable boy. He was not happy as a human being and he saw that his father was ruined by debt to these very wealthy aristocrats and he’s got a gigantic chip on his shoulder and he looks at Klaus as someone who is a friend and someone who made him what he is but who also always felt he was better than Lucien and who took the woman that Lucien wanted. There’s still a place in Lucien’s heart where he cares for Aurora and he’s jealous of Klaus. So his alliances are a little bit difficult to pin down.

Narducci added, “Tristan it seems pretty clear wants to survive the prophecy and the sire war and he’s got some ideas about how to make that happen. We’re going to start to see him make some moves that are going to have pretty terrible ramifications for our family.”

Dangerous situations can lead to serious conversations about feelings

According to Narducci, Cami isn’t the only one in danger in Thursday’s episode, and that will force some people to confront how they feel about one another. “Everybody’s going be put in a dangerous situation and a lot of people are going to talk about how they feel when their loved ones are in danger. I really like those moments where we understand that this is an extended family and when they’re back is against the wall, even though they have some conflict with one another, they’re going to step forward and defend one another.”

Could Elijah betray his brother?

We’ve seen Klaus dagger Elijah on multiple occasions, and we’ve even seen Elijah dagger Klaus. But could Elijah be the “family” that the prophecy claims will commit the ultimate betrayal? “One of the things to keep in mind is Klaus and Elijah are not on the best of terms,” Narducci said. “Yes, they’ve reconciled a little bit but there’s still some problems. At the end of episode 3 when Klaus says, ‘I promise you you will never have to worry, I will not be the family who betrays you,’ Elijah did not say, ‘I won’t be the family who betrays you either.’ Elijah just took in Klaus’ promise and walked out of the room. I thought that was very telling.”

The prophecy could come to fruition sooner than expected

“We’re going to see two really big moments coming up in the not-too-distant future where we’re going to wonder, is this it? Is this the prophecy? And then something is going to happen down the line that’s a little bit of a game-changer,” Narducci said. “It’s going to seem as though we are taking a little bit of a new direction and we will hope that the prophecy has come to pass and we will be saddened by the tragic way that it has come to pass but that is such a big game-changing moment. But that does not take us all the way to the end of the season. There’s something coming up before that which will hopefully answer some questions.”

Is Marcel the friend who will betray the Mikaelsons?

This week, the Strix comes to Marcel with a proposition, but the question is, how does he currently feel about the Mikaelsons? “Marcel has always existed on the fringe of the Mikaelson family,” Narducci said. “He’s been Klaus’ son, he’s been another brother to them, he’s been a friend to them, he’s been the King of New Orleans, and now he’s specifically being called upon by a group of vampires to betray the Mikaelsons and that’s a terrible thing to ask Marcel to do but is there something that they can offer Marcel that might be worth that betrayal? In fact I think there’s an argument to be made [that episode 8 is] really all about Marcel’s decision and it’s one of my favorite moments for Marcel. He finds himself in an incredibly difficult situation and he gets out of it in a very smart and heroic and true-to-his-character way that is surprising at the same time.”

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