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Psychonauts 2

Double Fine made a name for itself with the critically loved Psychonauts, but the game’s commercial success did not meet its initial acclaim. In the years since, its fan base has grown and, answering years of questions wondering when it will arrive, Tim Schafer and his studio have finally announced a sequel to Psychonauts.

Psychonauts 2 was revealed during The Game Awards, along with a fundraising campaign to support the project. Rather than going through Kickstarter, as the company did with Broken Age, Double Fine is seeking funding through the newer platform Fig, which allows for backers to serve more as investors in a given project, contributing larger sums of money and receiving a cut of the game’s profits based on that contribution. Smaller amounts can also be submitted that will gain backers rewards like a Kickstarter campaign while not giving them a financial stake in the project.

Double Fine is seeking $3.3 million for the project, and as of press time has raised more than $840,000 with 34 days left. Double Fine explains that the company will be investing their own funds in the project as well, along with financial support from an external partner. Watch Schafer’s pitch for the game below and check out the funding page for a better sense of what rewards the campaign includes.

Psychonauts first released in 2005 for Windows PC, Xbox, and the PlayStation 2, following the exploits of psychic Raz who dreams of becoming a Psychonaut and is attending Whispering Rock Psychic Summer Camp for training. The game tasked players with jumping into the minds of fellow campgoers and camp leaders, which each took on their own unique, and often hilarious, identities. As Double Fine notes in the campaign, the game sold twice as much in the last five years as it did in its first five years of release.

Psychonauts 2
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