"It's about the one that you leave behind," frontman Eric Earley says of the tune.

Portland indie rockers Blitzen Trapper returned with their eighth full length, All Across This Land, earlier this fall. The collection marked a return to form for long-loyal fans with its sunny, Americana-inflected rock.

The soulful “Lonesome Angel,” a story about the wonderful dependence that comes with a deep love, is a particular highlight on the album. Now, EW is thrilled that Earley, along with bandmates Brian Koch and Marty Marquis, stopped by our studio to record the stunner for our latest Basement Series.

“It’s about the road,” Earley says, introducing the track. “About traveling. It’s about the one that you leave behind…I got married last year and in a lot of ways it’s about her.” The isolation of touring is hardly a new meditation in rock and roll, but Earley’s lyrics, immediate and affecting, make the conversation seem new all over again.

Speaking about music more generally, the frontman says, “For me, songwriting is part therapy, part just an exercise of my own imagination, and in certain ways it’s a way for me to deal with the past as parts of my life has disappeared over the years and things have changed, its a way for me to remember things, really.” Certainly, we’ll remember this.

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