By Jessica Goodman and Samantha Highfill
Updated December 02, 2015 at 02:22 PM EST
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Last season of The Challenge paired contestants with their exes. True to the MTV series' habit of shaking up the format every season, the latest installment, Battle of the Bloodlines, pairs former (and new) challengers with cousins, brothers, and sisters to compete for a cash prize.

Before Bloodlines premieres, Challenge experts Samantha Highfill and Jessica Goodman are ranking the teams and predicting which pairing will win it all:

Aneesa and Rianna

Sam's ranking: 4th. Aneesa has the advantage of being a veteran, mixed with the fact that she's just a beast. I have to believe that her relative will have a similar competitive spirit, which makes them serious competitors this year.

Jessica's ranking: 2nd. Let's hear it for Aneesa, who's basically the patron saint of Challenges. Time to bring her literal fam into the fold.

Most likely to: Lay low and party at first … and then explode and nearly kill someone later.

Bananas and Vince

Sam's ranking: 1st (unless CT comes along). Let's face it: Bananas is always a threat, and unless his partner has a fear of heights or a weak stomach, I think he'll take home the win. Again, unless CT shows up. Then, my money is always on CT.

Jessica's ranking: 1st, unfortunately. Based on past Challenges it always comes down to endurance and look at these guys — they're gladiators.

Most likely to: Drink protein shakes for breakfast.

Camila and Larissa

Sam's ranking: 11th. Camila is either a serious competitor or an absolute mess, so I try not to bet on her.

Jessica's ranking: 6th. Camila will do anything for family, but that may bring her game down this season.

Most likely to: Get into a drunk argument on night one.

Cara Maria and Jamie

Sam's ranking: 9th. Cara Maria and Camila are a lot alike in terms of the game. They're either really good or really bad. Sadly, I think Cara Maria is more often bad than she is good.

Jessica's ranking: 11th. Cara Maria works best alone (or with Laurel).

Most likely to: Cry and threaten to quit a challenge.

Christina and Emily

Sam's ranking: 13th. Sorry, but these rookies aren't long for this world.

Jessica's ranking: 14th. Bananas and Vince's protein shakes are more likely to win than these newbs.

Most likely to: Rep Are You The One? a little too hard.

Cohutta and Jill

Sam's ranking: 3rd. I always underestimate Cohutta, and this time, I'm not going to make that mistake. He charms people with his accent and then takes them out in challenges. I see him and his cousin going far.

Jessica's ranking: 9th. Cohutta's a good loser.

Most likely to: Say "y'all."

Cory and Mitch

Sam's ranking: 7th. They look like they're in shape?

Jessica's ranking: 13th. Who?

Most likely to: Never compete in a Challenge again.

Dario and Raphy

Sam's ranking: 10th. I know these guys clearly work out, but I just don't trust twins. I'm betting they'll burn out.

Jessica's ranking: 12th. Sure, the cocky twins are fun, but as rookies, they're gonna get wrecked.

Most likely to: Be the first ones to take off their shirts.

Jenna and Brianna

Sam's ranking: 14th. It's Jenna, guys.

Jessica's ranking: 4th. Sorry, Sam. I'm all in on Jenna. She made it to the finals last year! She dates Zach! She's basically a wizard!

Most likely to: Say something that will make you question the current state of humanity.

KellyAnne and Anthony

Sam's ranking: 2nd. I'm betting big on these two. I'm not entirely sure why, but they look like they go hiking together.

Jessica's ranking: 5th. KellyAnne will lose her mind when she doesn't win, but I'm here for it.

Most likely to: Eat the most of the most gross thing.

Leroy and Candice

Sam's ranking: 8th. Leroy is a great athlete, but the man has a temper, and I don't see him working well with his cousin.

Jessica's ranking: 7th. Leroy's friendships will pull these guys through the middle of the season.

Most likely to: Get screwed over by their alliance.

Nany and Nicole

Sam's ranking: 5th. Anyone who's related to Nany is going to be feisty.

Jessica's ranking: 3rd. It's basically a Challenge rule that Nany has to make it this close to winning.

Most likely to: Cuddle with Cohutta.

Thomas and Stephen

Sam's ranking: 6th. Are these two twins too? Whatever, I'm betting they're the silent type who will manage to skate through somehow.

Jessica's ranking: 10th. I have faith in these guys physically, but oh man, are they gonna get pushed around by the vets.

Most likely to: Believe anything.

Tony and Shane

Sam's ranking: 12th. We've seen Tony and Shane attempt to get along before, and it didn't go well.

Jessica's ranking: 8th. Ugh, there are too many blondes in this house for Tony. RIP that beautiful Real World: Skeletons relationship.

Most likely to: Bring the lady drama.

The Challenge: Battle of the Bloodlines premieres Wednesday at 10 p.m. ET on MTV.

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