Credit: Brian Stelfreeze/Marvel

A few months ago, Marvel announced a new and highly anticipated Black Panther comic, written by writer and journalist Ta-Nehisi Coates. Just like Captain America: Civil War, we have to wait until next spring to see the Wakanda prince in action, but thanks to Coates we’re getting an early peek into T’Challa’s world.

The Atlantic writer recently opened up about writing Black Panther, detailing his thoughts on the writing process and his collaboration with artist Brian Stelfreeze. “After talking back and forth we came up with some new ideas for how T’Challa’s famed Vibranium-weave suit might work — in this case, absorbing kinetic energy and allowing him to fire that energy back out in short energy bursts,” Coates explains. “‘Energy bursts’ almost gets it wrong — think ‘force-push’ not ‘optic blast.’All the old powers are there — enhanced senses, agility, peak-human strength etc. But this idea (and others) really came out of Brian’s thoughts — not just on the suit — but on the properties of Vibranium itself.”

Coates even shared a few pieces of concept art. And if you want more of these kinds of updatesyou’re in luck: Coates plans to keep us informed of his writing process over the next few months. Head over to The Atlantic for more.

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