By Dan Snierson
December 02, 2015 at 12:00 PM EST
My Tales of Whisky Official via YouTube

UPDATE: “My Tales of Whisky” has now uploaded a 10-hour version of Nick Offerman nesting by a fireplace with some Lagavulin. [It’s actually just the original 45-minute version looped a bunch of times, but now you only have to refresh your glass, not the video.] 

EARLIER: There’s nothing better than sitting in a leather chair by a crackling fireplace while holding a glass of whisky during the holidays. Actually, that’s not entirely true. There is something better than that. It’s watching a bearded Nick Offerman sit in a leather chair by a crackling fireplace while holding a glass of whisky during the holidays.

The latest installment of Offerman’s Diageo-sponsored “My Tales of Whisky” features the Lagavulin-loving Parks and Recreation veteran — who now can be seen playing a grandstanding, oft-inebriated lawyer on Fargo — seated in a chair for 45 minutes, slow-nursing a glass of single malt scotch whisky while staring contemplatively into your soul. That’s right — three precious quarters of an hour. The action is occasional and gentle: A sip of mother’s milk here, a cross of the leg there, a refreshing of the chalice somewhere in between. 

Watch he who was Ron Swanson show you for a very long time that home is where the hearth is. Yule be glad you did.