Credit: Comedy Central

Christopher Lloyd has no problem slipping back into his iconic Doc Brown role as the recent Back to the Future Part II anniversary proved, but the actor would like you to know there’s a man behind the character — even when hoverboards are involved.

Lloyd makes an appearances during Jessica Williams’ Daily Show investigation into the overnight success of so-called hoverboards that actually don’t hover and will leave any Back to the Future fan sorely disappointed. Williams, on the hunt for answers — and, then, a way to make a real hoverboard — finds Lloyd at home, asking for use of Doc’s time machine. And though he’s initially annoyed by her insistence on referring to him as Doc, he’s willing to lend a helping hand — and his truck — in the hunt for a solution to the hoverboard outrage.

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Watch Williams hunt down the truth of hoverboards below, and for a look at a hoverboard that actually hovers, check out Lexus’ latest work on making a working one (with the help of magnets built into the ground).

Back to the Future Part II
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