Alamo Drafthouse's new Omaha cinema includes a Death Star

By James Hibberd
Updated December 01, 2015 at 05:53 PM EST
Credit: Alamo Draft House

If you woke up this morning believing there’s no particular reason to envy moviegoers in Omaha this month, think again!

The Alamo Drafthouse cinema chain has just opened a Star Wars-themed movie theater in the Nebraska city, presumably the country’s first. Among the features: a 10-foot Death Star hanging in the lobby, complete with green superlaser (image above).

There’s also Imperial ship-style light panels…


That’s no concession stand… it’s a space station!


Plus Imperial signage. This is indeed the lobby you’re looking for.


And the Emperor’s throne. You can actually turn on the lobby’s fully operational Death Star using the controls. You want this, don’t you? Goooood.


“The idea behind the lobby is that we wanted to construct and install a lobby theme that would make us unique in our Omaha market as well as the midwest,” said the Alamo’s Omaha team in a statement to EW. “We also wanted a theme that was built around an iconic film and to completely own that theme to immerse our guests in the experience. That is when Star Wars came into the picture and it just so happened that we timed it out just right with the announcement of the huge plans for a new Star Wars legacy starting this December. It is a permanent installation and will be thee destination to see all of the new Star Wars films.”

The design, construction and installation was done by Dimensional Innovations out of Kansas City.