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Since it’s return last month, The Black Hood — Dark Circle Comics’ revamp of the classic vigilante — has made a huge splash, and it’s about to get even bigger. EW is excited to announce the addition of acclaimed guest artists to the series: Robert Hack (The X-Files, Sabrina) and Greg Scott (Sam Hill, Strange Attractors).

“I’m thrilled to have Robert Hack and Greg Scott on the team,” writer Duane Swierczynski tells EW. “For one thing, their short, spare surnames offset my ridiculous, consonant-laden surname. (There’s only so much room on the cover, folks.) But more importantly, their spare, lean, noir styles offer a new window into the sordid world of the Black Hood. I feel like a TV showrunner blessed to be working with some of the most stylish directors out there.”

Hack will join The Black Hood for issue #8, on sale in comic shops this January, for the second part of the newest arc “The Lonely Crusade.” Scott will take his place as the new regular artists for the series immediately following, starting with issue #9 in February.

“I’m so psyched to be drawing an issue of The Black Hood,” says Hack. “I’ve been a fan of the character since I got an issue of the 1983 Red Circle run when I was a kid. But it’s not just my nostalgia that has me excited, Duane is doing some brilliant work and this script is a blast to draw. I have been astoundingly lucky to be paired up with some great writers lately. Drawing two monthly comics at the same time — as daunting as that sounds, when the comics are this good, they are worth the inevitable ulcers.”

Scott cites Dark Circle’s Archie Comics as one of his inspirations for the project. “You can say that Archie Comics is a very important entity in my house. I can truthfully say that my daughter’s childhood (she’s 10) has been shaped and informed by Archie Comics,” he adds. “She’s constantly reading them and referencing them and so I am very honored to be contributing to the Dark Circle line. The script is great, and I really think the readers will enjoy what we’re cooking up for them.”

Dark Circle Comics editor Alex Segura promises fans will be satisfied with the final product and the team. “Greg is not a huge name yet, but he will be,” says Segura. “He brings a Michael Lark/Steve Epting/Gotham Central tone to the visuals that felt right from the first sketches he did for the gig. He maintains the dark, moody tone of the first seven issues while injecting his own detailed, noir style. I think fans will be very pleased with his work and we’re excited to get a nice, long run of work out of him and Duane.”

Issue #8 of The Black Hood finds us learning more about the mysterious “Crusaders” who are kidnapping the city’s homeless population. “We were honored and extremely lucky to have a talent like Michael Gaydos on art for six of the first seven issues of eight The Black Hood,” says Segura. “Throw in Howard Chaykin for the remaining issue and you have a lot to live up to. Michael set the tone and brought the Hood’s Philadelphia to life in a dark, menacing way. So, when the time came to bring in another artistic voice, we knew we had to make it matter and make sure it honored the legacy Michael built. Robert Hack, who everyone knows from his amazing cover work and art on Sabrina, has not been shy about his love for The Black Hood, and I was quick to take him up on his offer to step in for a very special issue. Robert, paired with our great series colorist, Kelly Fitzpatrick, keeps the book’s gritty, rough vibe but adds a layer of discomfort and uncertainty, which perfectly matches Duane’s brooding script. Everyone is really elevating their game on this book and I am supremely excited for fans to read the issue.”

With all the hype surrounding the series and the amount of talent in each issue, it’s no surprise that The Black Hood is gaining attention. “It’s a great time for The Black Hood,” reveals Segura. “We’re barreling into the book’s second arc, which drags Greg into a deeper, darker abyss than even he could have imagined, and features some of Duane’s best work as a writer, with an all-star crew of artists bringing his vision to life. If you’ve been waiting for the right time to jump in, it’s arrived. And, while I can’t say much, there has been a ton of interest in a Black Hood movie in Hollywood, so fans should expect an announcement very soon.”

View variant covers for issue #8 of The Black Hood below, as well as an exclusive preview of the next issue of Hack’s upcoming Sabrina.

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