There’s nothing like Adele’s “Hello” to get a bunch of college kids in the mood for the game, right?

This weekend, the Southern University Marching Band — one of the top marching bands in the country and a self-proclaimed human jukebox — went where so many people (Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato included) have already gone by covering the lead single off Adele’s massive 25. And just because the British singer’s heartbreaking lyrics of lost love aren’t there, doesn’t mean this version is any less emotional.

25, Adele’s third studio album, sold a record-breaking 3.38 million copies in the U.S. in its first week, surpassing previous record-holder *NSYNC (for 2000’s No Strings Attached).

Listen above, and consider turning down your speakers, because right around 1:20, things get intense