Megan Nicole, Melvin Gregg, Wesley Stromberg, and Sammy Wilkinson appear along with Lake in a 15-minute documentary chronicling the AIDS epidemic in Africa
Credit: Facebook

Actress and television host Ricki Lake is joining forces with the United States Government President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR), Facebook, and some top social media influencers in a partnership that aims to stem the AIDS epidemic in Africa by treating 28 million people by 2020.

On Monday, the day before World AIDS Day, UN Assistant Secretary-General Ray Chambers posted a 15-minute documentary on his Facebook page about the AIDS crisis in Africa. In the documentary, Lake travels to Malawi with Megan Nicole, Melvin Gregg, Wesley Stromberg, and Sammy Wilkinson to talk to those diagnosed with AIDS, as well as local government officials and doctors. What’s clear from the trip is that there is an immense need for AIDS treatment in the country but not enough funding or staffing to provide it at the moment. The documentary also includes interviews with Bill Clinton, representing the Clinton Health Access Initiative, and Ambassador Deborah Birx, the U.S. Global AIDS Coordinator.

The goal of the documentary is to raise awareness of the #TreatmentForAll initiative, which aims to reduce new HIV transmissions by 80 percent. The video ends with a string of social media stars sharing the hashtag, asking viewers to do the same.