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Updated November 30, 2015 at 06:56 PM EST
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Keith Richards says he hasn’t listened to Mick Jagger’s solo records, but that dosen’t stop him from commenting on them in a new interview with GQ.

“I only did my records because [Mick] wasn’t working with us,” he said, referring to the albums Jagger released between 1985 and 2001. “[Jagger’s solo work] had something to do with ego. He really had nothing to say.”

Richards has released three solo albums of his own, though he maintains he does it for different reasons than his Rolling Stones bandmate. “For me, I never thought of making records as a way of being famous or making a statement,” Richards, whose most recent album debuted in September, said. “I just want to make good records with good musicians, to play with the best and learn.”

Earlier this year, Richards spoke to EW about his most recent album Crosseyed Heart and said he only works on solo projects when the Rolling Stones take a break. “Why should I clash with myself, you know?,” he said. “It was looking for the right spot and the right time. Because, when the Stones work, you know, hey, that’s my numero uno!”

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