Credit: Eretria

The fantastical world from Terry Brooks‘ best-selling books comes to life in MTV’s The Shannara Chronicles — but first everything must burn.

The network released the opening title sequence to the fantasy series, featuring the siren song of Ruelle’s “Until We Go Down.” The footage sees the world go up in flames as the races of humans, gnomes, dwarfs, trolls, and elves rise from the ashes.

The Shannara Chronicles features Austin Butler as half-elf and half-human Wil, Poppy Drayton as an elven princess Amberle, and Ivana Baquero as human rover Eretria as they embark on a quest to stop an evil demonic army.

Speaking from New York Comic-Con, executive producer Al Gough said, “People compare [the series] to other fantasy stuff in the genre but to us it’s closer to Star Wars, because I think what’s interesting about Shannara is, again, for us, Shannara isn’t a place, it’s a family, like the Skywalkers. And they’re the only ones with magic. I think there’s just so much in the book because it’s our world in the future — so somehow it’s much more relatable.”

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