By Natalie Abrams
November 27, 2015 at 07:26 PM EST
Cate Cameron/The CW, ABC/Richard Cartwright, Cate Cameron/The CW

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How is Jay’s return on The Flash going to affect Caitlin and Harry? — Pang

When Jay Garrick returns, he may actually find some common ground with Wells for once, though it won’t be easy. “Jay is summoned to S.T.A.R. Labs in an urgent matter from Wells,” Teddy Sears tells EW. “Jay shows up only to find out that Wells wants Jay to be his guinea pig. He is toying with a substance that has its history in the lore of The Flash, so it’s something from the comics. He wants to try it on Jay to see if it works because he wants to use this on Barry in their fight to bring down Zoom. Jay doesn’t react very well to that. He doesn’t want to be a part of Wells’ schemes. There will be some life threatening moments in there and we have to use a combination of science and ingenuity and Wells’ mysterious substance to get to a safe conclusion.”

Is Wes still going to be working for Annalise when How to Get Away With Murder returns? — Josie

You mean the woman he shot in cold blood? Yeah, that would be a little awkward. What you should be asking is whether any of the Keating Five will be working for her. “That is a big question,” EP Pete Nowalk says. “There’s a chance at least someone will be missing.”

Anything Arrow-related? — James

Constantine’s parting gift to Oliver — a magical tattoo? — will come back to play soon. “Basically Constantine says to him that this is insurance against Reiter, and we’re going to deliver on that promise entirely,” EP Wendy Mericle says. “It’s going to help Oliver when he’s in a very dark place and time when he has no other way out. It’s going to be the thing that pulls him out of a very dark spot and literally saves him.” But whether he’ll be able to use it on Damien Darhk is another story. “The mysticism that Reiter is practicing may or may not sync up with what Damien Darhk is doing,” Mericle adds.


Do you have any scoop on the Regina and Hook adventure we were promised on Once Upon a Time? — Peggy

It’s coming sooner than you think … like this week! “She puts him up to a test,” says Lana Parrilla, who teases that there’s a surprising connection between them and events that took place ahead of season 2 that we were previously unaware of. Make of that what you will!

How will Klaus react to finding out Aurora was the one who took Cami on The Originals? — Cristina

Not well. Klaus is a man on fire when he finds out and he’s not going to let Cami out of his sight for a long time after this. As for Aurora’s plans, she’s going to put Cami through the wringer in episode 8, where we’ll learn much more about Cami’s past in the process.

Quantico, please! — Jill

The midseason finale is “a slightly different episode … unlike what we’ve done before,” teases EP Josh Safran. “There is an exercise, but it’s not the typical exercise. The majority of the episode takes place on a night off. The fun of that episode is it’s a real taste of the real world after the NATS have been in this summer camp for as long as they’ve bee. And they’re going to look amazing.”

I know the show just went on break, but do you know what’s coming up on Blindspot? — Heather

First off, there is more of that enlightening video of past-Jane telling present-Jane that she came up with this plan, so expect to see that when the show returns. On another note, when I asked EP Martin Gero if any of Jane’s tattoos would lead the team to a more global case, he cryptically teased, “Episode 11.”

Did I miss where they showed us what’s inside the briefcase that would exonerate Liz on The Blacklist? — Angie

Nope! They’re keeping that under wraps for the time being. “What is in that case is key,” EP Jon Bokenkamp says. “As Red had said, the ‘care package,’ as we’re calling it, is critical to the mission of freeing Liz. The care package is now in the hands of not our task force, but the FBI, who captured Liz. They’ve now lost one of their key ingredients in the recipe and it’s going to be a bit of a mess getting it back.”

Anything on the Supergirl love triangle? — Raina

You mean the one James doesn’t even know he’s in?  “Winn is obviously blind with jealousy that Kara has taken a shine to James, but what’s hilarious is that James has absolutely no idea that Winn is into Kara,” EP Andrew Kreisberg says. “He’s so pure of heart himself that he just doesn’t even see it. The nicer he is to Winn, the more it chafes at Winn. At the end of the day, both of them care so much about Kara and really are heroes in their own right, that whatever tension there is always gets put in the backseat when it comes to saving the day.”

Is Last Man on Earth going to keep Jason Sudeikis in space all season? — Jim

You will get a pretty definitive answer to that question in the Christmas-themed episode, which also includes a pretty shocking declaration of love that probably won’t go over very well.

Best news I’ve heard all week: Does the description for this new Arrow character totally sound like someone we’ve only heard about, but not met? I’m getting a parental vibe here. Just me?

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Additional reporting by Shirley Li.