From television performances to tearing through record books, the British balladeer has been everywhere since releasing '25.'

By Madison Vain
Updated November 27, 2015 at 03:18 PM EST

Have you heard of Adele? She’s this little-known singer who trumped *NSYNC’s record for single-week sales with her third album, 25, and whose most recent single, “Hello,” had itself already surpassed streaming and download records.

Adele released 25 one week ago, on Nov. 20, and has been just about everywhere since, shattering hearts and records alike. From television to Twitter, it was impossible to avoid the British star over the past seven days. Let’s take a look at Adele’s huge week.

Friday, Nov. 20

25 releases, the world stops. In her review, EW’s Leah Greenblatt observes, “There’s only one artist whose return, after a nearly five-year absence, is powerful enough to tilt pop culture on its axis like this…” which, given that the singer sold nearly a million records on just Day 1 via iTunes, might even be an understatement. Adele’s grasp over the conversation was further realized when a video of the singer impersonating an Adele impersonator went viral. Since its debut on Nov. 20, the clip has been watched more than 31 million times.

Saturday, Nov. 21

Adele was a highlight throughout the Matthew McConaughey-hosted episode of Saturday Night Live. In one of the show’s early sketches, Adele’s “Hello” is the only thing that can save Thanksgiving from spiraling into a mess of fighting relatives and overcooked turkey. Later, as the musical guest, Adele performed her record-setting single “Hello” and gave national audiences the first taste of her Tobias Jesso Jr. collaboration, “When We Were Young.”

Sunday, Nov. 22

Tobias Jesso Jr., perhaps seeing Adele’s performance on Saturday, shared a lengthy Facebook post about what working with the superstar has meant to him. “When I got the call that I would be working with her, my heart stopped,” he remembers. “She was so down to earth and so very sweet, even after realizing what she probably realizes every day of her life, that the person sitting across from her is having trouble registering what is really happening in that moment. That was me, just a gigantic Adele fan meeting her for the first time.”

Monday, November 23

Adele makes her first late-night talk show appearance on the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, and is properly hilarious. The 27-year-old explained the awkward facial expression she made at the end of her SNL performance. “I had no idea I was still being filmed,” she told the host. “I got home, and my friends from England sent me like a Vine of me going…” she said, before making the face again. The two later played “Box of Lies,” which Fallon won. Adele closed out her appearance by performing a rousing version of “Water Under The Bridge.” Meanwhile, on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Adele’s “Hello” was used to broker a peace between Harrison Ford and Chewbacca. Not a bad night.

Tuesday, Nov. 24

It’s official: 25 breaks the 15-year record held by *NSYNC’s No Strings Attached for most albums sold in the U.S. in one week, moving 2.433 million copies in just three days. (The boy-banders sold almost 2.2 units in their entire first week.) On The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon airs a pre-taped segment of Adele performing “Hello” with help from The Roots and classroom instruments. The video has just under 10 million views.

Wednesday, Nov. 25

Adele takes the stage at Today for her first televised performance of “Million Years Ago.” She tells host Matt Lauer that life is currently, “pretty overwhelming, but it’s incredible.” She also spoke about balancing her press schedule with motherhood, saying, “My son comes everywhere with me. He’s the first person I see in the morning and last person I see at night… I make time for him, like I always have. That’s one of the reasons I’ve been away [from the industry] for so long. My kid is more important. My kid comes first; my music comes second.”

Thursday, Nov. 26

Adele gave fans a reason to be thankful on Thursday, announcing a European tour that will kick-off in February and run through mid-June. “Hello, it’s me, Adele,” she said in a video posted to her Twitter account to announce the tour dates. She then burst out laughing: “I can’t even say that anymore,” she said, as the greeting also doubles as the opening lyrics to “Hello.” In an extended version of the same video posted to her Facebook page, Adele used a wand to point out the countries she was hitting on the tour, and joked that it was “hard work being Harry Potter.” In addition to the tour news, it was announced that 25 had topped 3 million in total sales.

Friday, Nov. 27

On the one-week anniversary of 25, here’s hoping Adele gets some rest.