By Oliver Gettell
Updated November 27, 2015 at 11:09 PM EST
Credit: Warner Bros./Courtesy Everett Collection
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After surviving two Gremlins movies, Zach Galligan is hoping for a chance to come back if a rumored third installment ever materializes.

At a London screening of the 1984 original earlier this week, the 51‑year‑old actor denied having any inside information about a potential Gremlins 3 movie but said he’d like to be involved in one, according to the BBC.

“I swear on my life, I don’t know if I’m in it or not, but I think there is probably a decent chance since I’m one of the few people left standing from the first movie,” Galligan reportedly told the audience.

Directed by Joe Dante and released by Warner Bros., the Gremlins movies starred Galligan as Billy Peltzer, a young man who receives a furry creature called a mogwai as a gift and then has to deal with its evil spawn.

The possibility of another sequel (or reboot) has been the topic of much discussion over the years. At the London screening, Galligan referenced remarks from Gremlins screenwriter Chris Columbus, who has said a new film is in the works and will go in a different direction.

“It’s not a remake of the first movie at all,” Columbus told MTV in April. “Because the first movie’s very dear to my heart.” He added, “It’s the same universe, the same rules, same gremlins, but not the same.”

Warner Bros. did not provide immediate comment.


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