Credit: Melinda Sue Gordon

The next Men in Black film could have a woman sporting the MIB’s signature shades.

Producer Laurie MacDonald told the BBC there will be a “prominent Woman in Black” featured in the alien-fighting, action-comedy franchise’s fourth film.

MacDonald’s husband and fellow Men in Black producer, Walter Parkes, added that plans are still in the “quite early” stages, but they are looking at the fourth film as a “reinvention” that moves away from the partnership between Agent J and Agent K that was central to the original three films.

Parkes previously said Will Smith would “most likely” not be involved in the new film, but he told the BBC to “never count Will out.”

The third Men in Black film was released in 2012 with stars Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones returning alongside newcomer Josh Brolin, who played a younger version of Jones’ Agent K. Technically, Linda Fiorentino was already a Woman in Black, though her induction into the elite suit-and-shades crew at the end of the original 1997 film didn’t carry over into its sequels.

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