By Kelly Connolly
November 25, 2015 at 01:31 PM EST

Worried about when to tell the world your favorite Jessica Jones twists? Krysten Ritter has you covered.

The star of Marvel’s latest series, also known as the reason you didn’t leave your house all weekend, stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Tuesday to talk about the show that everyone is talking about — but it sounds like everyone is afraid of saying too much. When asked for her thoughts on how the Netflix model changes our approach to spoilers, Ritter told Kimmel that being spoiled in the past had made her sensitive to it: Her boyfriend “ruined the whole experience” of Homeland when he told her what happened in season 3 — which she proceeded to tell the audience.

“You just ruined it for someone at home,” Kimmel pointed out.

Ritter is a lot more cautious about her own show, and she wants people to “wait a little bit longer” before bringing up spoilers in public. But she also knows plenty of binge-watchers who can already get together and discuss the whole series, including her own mother, who even watched it on her phone while her oil was being changed. 

Check out the whole conversation below. It’s spoiler-free — at least about Jessica Jones.