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Even with the trailers and abundance of TV teasers now out in anticipation of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, fans are still searching for any bit of intel they can find about the film.

And on Monday night, they got one from director J.J. Abrams himself. During an appearance on the special Star Wars edition of Jimmy Kimmel Live, the director revealed the first word said aloud in The Force Awakens: “This.”

As host Jimmy Kimmel noted, the letters in “this” could be rearranged to say “Sith” — which could mean something, but most likely has more to do with Kimmel’s Scrabble fascination than anything else.

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Abrams also showed a clip from The Force Awakens on the show. It was the same teaser that viewers saw during Sunday’s American Music Awards, but this time the director gave a bit of context to what’s happening in the footage.

“It’s very early on in the movie, and these two characters, Rey and Finn, have just met,” Abrams explained. “He was a stormtrooper and abandoned his post and she is a scavenger in the desert of a place called Jakku, and the two of them have met and are now being pursued.” Daisy Ridley stars as Rey in the film, with John Boyega playing Finn.

Watch Abrams’ interview, including the clip, below — and head here to see all of EW’s recent stories on The Force Awakens.

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