November 24, 2015 at 10:11 PM EST

What’s up with Star Wars fans? Getting all teary-eyed over a single line of dialogue.

It’s just a movie, right?

Except that’s obviously not the case. Still, the strength of those films is as enigmatic as the Force itself. It’s difficult to diagram the intoxicating mix of escapism, nostalgia, and inspiration those movies provide.

This new musical tribute to the arrival of The Force Awakens comes as close as anything, joining the affection and ownership Star Wars fans feel for their favorite space saga with another work of art dedicated to slipping loose from the boundaries of everyday Earth and exploring the beyond: Elton John’s “Rocket Man.”

There are plenty of Star Wars spoofs out there at the moment, but what struck me about this one is the raw joy coupled with the modest, ordinary activities of the singers. A guy making dinner (albeit in a stormtrooper suit), a mom pushing her prequel-loving daughter on the swingset, and then a chorus of regular fans singing along. I know this video is meant for a laugh, but it tugs at the heart, too. 


It was created by Scott S. Kramer, who’s the guy in the video with the action figure collection, and Joshua Elson, who does the singing.

“The most important thing was not to make fun of our fellow fans or not to have actors playing fans. We wanted real fans. For example, the Princess Leia and Stormtrooper are real cosplayers. Those are their personal costumes,” says Kramer. “My co-director, Boris Undorf, and I set everyone in regular situations to have fun with the idea that Star Wars fans are regular people with regular lives but they’ll never hide their love of Star Wars.”

The choice of “Rocket Man” as source material was basically … destiny.

“There are so many layers that make it a good fit,” Elson says. “The obvious is that both take place in space. Plus, its such a great song, and so familiar. And the tag line is so great. Its so catchy. And I love it when the altered lyrics really sync up with the original lyrics. Really, it’s almost an homage to Elton John/Bernie Taupin and Star Wars.”

This isn’t their first tript to the viral video rodeo. Last year, they racked up nearly 3 million views for their “Let It Go” dad parody, “A Frozen Father.”

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