Credit: killermike/Instagram

Killer Mike is one of the most politically outspoken rappers around — he’s even discussed a run for office — and the rapper hasn’t been shy about his endorsement of Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders.

Killer Mike, who performs in Run The Jewels with El-P, introduced Sanders at an Atlanta rally Monday, and gave a powerful speech about his campaign. “In my heart of hearts, I truly believe that Senator Bernie Sanders is the right man to lead this country,” Mike said. “Make sure that wherever you go, you take the name, the ideas, the philosophy, and the ideology of Bernie Sanders there. And you make sure when you leave, they are on fire, because they have felt the Bern.”

He continued: “I believe it because he, unlike any other candidate, said ‘I want to restore the Voting Rights Act.’ He, unlike any other candidate, said ‘I wish to end this illegal war on drugs that disproportionately targets minorities and poor.’ Unlike any other candidate in my life, he says that education should be free for every citizen of this country.

“I have no time in my short 40 years on this Earth to relive the Reagan years. I have no desire to see us elect our own Margaret Thatcher,” he added. “I am here as a proponent for a political revolution that says health care is a right of every citizen. I am here because working class and poor people deserve a chance at economic freedom, and yes, if you work 40 hours a week, you should not be in poverty.”

See Mike’s full speech, and some photos of Sanders and Mike hanging out (and doing the RTJ sign) in Atlanta.