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For the purposes of Jimmy Kimmel Live, Harrison Ford and Chewbacca have been engaged in a feud for years. (According to Ford, Chewbacca once had an affair with his wife.) But on Monday’s special Star Wars edition of Kimmel’s show, the warring friends finally put their differences aside with a little help from Adele.

As host Jimmy Kimmel began Monday’s show, he was interrupted by a commotion outside: Chewbacca, standing on the roof and threatening to jump. Ford happened to be in the neighborhood too. “Do us a favor, jump!” Ford yelled at his co-pilot from the ground below, before Kimmel stopped the 73-year-old and asked if he remembered “the good times” the pair shared together. A montage of happy moments — playing Connect Four, drinking beers, getting pedicures — soon followed, with accompaniment from Adele’s hit song “Hello.”

“I remember,” an emotional Ford told Kimmel after the pre-taped memories ended, before running to the roof to embrace his furry pal as John Williams’ iconic Star Wars music swelled.

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Back in 2013, Kimmel had Chewbacca “surprise” Ford during an appearance on the late-night show. “He knows what he did,” Ford growled at Chewbacca at the time. “She was my wife, you Wookiee sack of sh–.” Too bad “Hello” wasn’t out then.

Watch below.

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