How Amy Schumer, alcohol, and Billy Joel lead to an epic night

By Robyn Ross
November 24, 2015 at 09:25 PM EST

Jennifer Lawrence has had a stellar year. But it wasn’t starring in the final Hunger Games and David O. Russell’s Joy, nor writing an essay about the gender pay gap in Hollywood that topped her list of favorite moments. Instead it was an epic night that involved Amy Schumer and Billy Joel. (Who could blame her?)

“The best thing that happened this year was when my friend Amy and I got so drunk that we ended up on the top of Billy Joel’s piano,” Lawrence, EW’s Entertainer of the Year, told us. “So just to explain further we were on Piano Man’s piano.”

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But the story doesn’t end there. Lawrence goes on to share how Schumer, who she lovingly calls “the sh–,” got her to join in on the dancing and merriment.

“She was like, ‘If you try to leave I’ll grab onto you and keep grabbing onto you until the end of the song so just stay.’ And that was really cool because she didn’t have to share that piano with me.”

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