Credit: Instagram/Lane Toran; Courtesy of Everett Collections

The man behind Hey Arnold!‘s titular character is no football head.

After BuzzFeed realized Lane Toran voiced Arnold (and labeled him a lumbersexual), he shared the following statement on Instagram: “I know I don’t talk about ‘Hey Arnold’ on here so some of you that have been following me for a while might not know, but I did voice ‘Arnold’ for all of season 1 (until my voice changed). It’s crazy to be a part of something that’s still talked about and watched 20 years later.”

As Toran points out, he only voiced the P.S. 118 student for the show’s first season in 1996, before Phillip Van Dyke took over the role. Spencer Klein also voiced Arnold in later seasons and in Hey Arnold! The Movie. Now a model, Toran spends his down time in his ’66 Mustang named Joelene while rocking flannel and a man bun.

EW confirmed Monday that Hey Arnold will be back for another movie, this time on TV’s The Splat, which has been airing vintage Nickelodeon shows since its Oct. 31 launch. The film will reportedly answer some questions about Arnold’s parents, but now it’ll be hard to imagine Arnold without a lumberjack beard.

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