Dancing gingerbread men, oversized teddy bears, and cartwheeling elves. Those are just a few of the jolly characters helping Katy Perry usher in the holiday season in her video for “Every Day is a Holiday.” The pop star released the song Sunday as part of H&M’s Happy and Merry campaign, and the video for the joyous track features the store’s holiday collection.

Perry stars as a festive fairy, before turning into a nutcracker and getting pulled in a sleigh by human reindeer. A shirtless male model takes on the role of Santa, as Perry joyfully sings, “Every day is a holiday when you’re the reason to celebrate.”

Over the summer, Perry posted a video to her Instagram featuring three masked Grinches with the caption, “When your derp squad writes a Christmas song in August.” Whether “Holiday” is that song, or if Perry has more jolly jams in her arsenal is unknown at this time, but based on her latest release, it’s safe to say a Christmas album from 2015’s highest-paid female artist would be more than welcome.

See the full video for “Every Day is a Holiday” above.