'It's like a lifestyle, but as long as you obey the rules of having squished organs'

By Julie Mazziotta
Updated November 24, 2015 at 06:07 PM EST
Credit: E! Entertainment
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Watch out Khloé Kardashian! The queen of waist training selfies has some competition from this woman on the Botched finale.

Penny Brown, 27, is meeting with Botched doctors Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif to take care of scarring on her breasts from multiple augmentations, but the doctors are distracted by her tiny torso. With the help of a waist trainer, Brown shrunk her midsection from 38 inches down to just 28.

“Penny’s got the highest breast-to-waist ratio I’ve ever seen,” Dr. Dubrow says in an exclusive clip from Tuesday’s show.

Brown previously got her waist down to 23 inches – but that required wearing her waist trainer for 23 hours a day. She’s committed though, and explains that she makes it part of her routine.

“You have to eat very regular, small meals, and there are certain things you have to cut out of your diet like spicy foods, and anything carbonated, and all sorts of stuff like that,” she explains. “It’s like a lifestyle, but as long as you obey the rules of having squished organs.”

Dr. Nassif is against using a corset to tighten a torso, adding: “I don’t like the idea of waist training. I’ve read about so many complications in regards to lung problems, intestinal issues.”

But when asked, Brown claims that she hasn’t suffered any medical issues to her lungs or intestines from squeezing her waist.

Dr. Dubrow says he’s open to the idea of using a waist trainer, as long as it doesn’t affect the patient’s health.

“If you do it in a conservative way, I’m not completely opposed to waist training, but Penny is an example of waist training that could go a little too far,” he says. “She could suffer from some complications like displacement of the organs into your lungs.”

Tune into the Botched finale to see what happens to Brown, on Tuesday, Nov. 24 (9 p.m. ET) on E!


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