By Ariana Bacle
November 23, 2015 at 06:49 PM EST
Jordi Vidal/Redferns

Come on, feel the Illinoise — or rather, listen to it: Sufjan Stevens is releasing a 10-year anniversary edition of his 2005 Illinois-themed album this spring.

The new edition of the LP will feature audio from a recently remastered version of Illinois and updated cover art by original Illinois cover artist Divya Srinivasan. This new record jacket will replace Superman, who appeared on the cover until DC Comics sent a cease and desist letter to the record label soon after its release, with Blue Marvel, a Chicago-born superhero. (And, yes, this time they got permission first).

Illinois was Stevens’ well-received fifth studio album and the second installment in his since-abandoned 50 states project. It was followed by 2010’s electronic-heavy The Age of Adz and 2015’s acoustic meditation on death, Carrie and Lowell.

Asthmatic Kitty Records will press 10,000 copies of the album, which is now available for pre-order before it goes on sale Nov. 24 at 1 p.m. ET. See the cover art below. The new editions will ship out April 1, 2016.