By Joe McGovern
Updated November 23, 2015 at 12:00 PM EST
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It opened on just four theaters last week (earning one of the best per-screen box office averages of the year), and now Todd Haynes’ romantic drama Carol has released a new online trailer. Festooned with admiring quotes from film critics, including EW’s Chris Nashawaty, this trailer doesn’t even have a word of dialogue — a different approach from the film’s first, which featured a voiceover of Carol (Cate Blanchett) reading a heartbreaking letter to her lover, Therese (Rooney Mara).

Here we are immersed in the magnificent melody of UK composer Dexter Britain (whose piano and strings are reminiscent of Carter Burwell’s original score for the film) and in the sumptuous 1950s beauty, often seen through mirrors or behind glass, courtesy of Haynes’ longtime cinematographer Ed Lachman (Far From Heaven). Among the very small percentage of people who have seen Carol, some might quibble with the trailer’s liberal use of a climactic scene from the movie. But even still, it’s a great excuse to bathe in the drunkenly gorgeous visuals that the film offers. (And for fans of Fox’s Gotham, the trailer offers the first glimpse at that show’s Riddler, Cory Michael Smith, who has a small role as a traveling salesman.)

Also, check below for two clips from the film. Both are set, as much of the film is, in restaurants. The first features Sarah Paulson as Abby, an ex-lover of Carol’s who is now her close confidant. And in the second, notice the period details as Therese gives Carol a gift in a diner. The film was shot mostly in Cincinnati, and the foggy window behind Carol in this scene represents both the societal cocoon in which the characters’ emotions are repressed — and a clever way to shoot a period film with a modern city humming right outside.


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