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[SPOILER ALERT: Read on only if you have already watched Sunday’s “Heads Up” episode of The Walking Dead.]

For a month we’ve been left wondering whether Glenn was dead or alive on The Walking Dead. The show may have taken its sweet time revealing the answer, but at least on Sunday’s “Heads Up” we found out Glenn’s fate right off the bat.

The opening scene of the episode showed Nicholas’ body being devoured while Glenn slid under the dumpster to safety. He then waited there overnight and came out the next day — just in time to meet up with a fleeing Enid.

Showrunner Scott M. Gimple appeared on Talking Dead Sunday night to offer his reasoning for the month-long cliffhanger. “The story we were telling was one of uncertainty,” said Gimple. “When people leave the walls — in this case of Alexandria — they don’t have cell phones. They aren’t rocking ’80s beepers. You don’t know what happens. You have no idea. When they leave, that could be the last time you see them. And I think it was important to do a story this year about uncertainty, and the audience would share that uncertainty that the characters had, like in episode 5. Maggie didn’t know what happened to Glenn, and I wanted the audience to be exactly where she was — to feel the exact same way.”

Gimple also addressed why they made that shot four weeks ago of Glenn, Nicholas, and the zombies so ambiguous. “If you were somehow standing outside that horde — if you had rounded the corner and you saw Glenn with his guts being torn out with all of the walkers all around them, you might have had the exact same vantage point that the audience did.”

Talking Dead host Chris Hardwick also asked Gimple his thoughts about the online reaction — positive and negative — to the death mystery. “There’s just been a lot of it,” said Gimple. “And I think It’s wonderful, It is a dream come true to provide a collective experience — to provide something that was around when I was a kid — which is, you could talk to a stranger about TV. And I think that’s been going on again. I think there’s been a lot of conversations about this and that’s been exciting. It makes the world just a little bit smaller.”

See what Steven Yeun had to say about the reveal of Glenn’s fate and check out a video of Steven Yeun revealing his best day ever on set below, and for more Walking Dead intel, follow me on Twitter @DaltonRoss.

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