'Tis the season

By Amanda Michelle Steiner
November 20, 2015 at 04:05 PM EST

Joseph Gordon-Levitt was feeling festive — and a little handsy — during his Thursday appearance on The Late Late Show. 

In the spirit of the season, Gordon-Levitt practically launched himself into James Corden’s arms, planting a kiss so enthusiastic that it is impossible to say that there was not not tongue involved. In response, Corden was one of us: giggly, blushing, unable to carry on, and, for some reason, bent over in order to conceal his lower body. 

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For anyone keeping score at home, this is not the first time that the married father of two has kissed one of his guests on camera. Memorably, he once locked lips with a 19-year-old Harry Styles during a kiss cam segment on the U.K.’s A League of Their Own. Because why not, right? Why. Not. 



Yeah, that happened. That really, in-real-life happened. And I’ll never let anyone forget it. See Corden and JGL lock lips in the video above. 

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